Saturday, 17 October 2009

Installing Floorboards is Child's Play!


Asmail said...

Hi Rlay1,

I have been thinking of same bamboo flooring(mooswood highland- Melbourne). Professionally getting it installed is going to cost $1850. Just wondering how much it cost you to install it yourself. Is it really that easy, wondering if the boards are hard to cut.

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Rlay said...

Hi Ismail,

The costs involved for me to install the flooring myself:

- Drop Saw: $100
- Jig Saw: $120
- Floor installation kit (Tapping block, puller, wedges): $20
- Hammer: $15
- Hand saw: $15
- Tape measure: $5

So all up under $300 worth of equipment and it will take you a week or two depending on the size of the area.

Is it easy to do??? Well as you can see in the pictures, my 7 yo neice had no problems in tapping the boards in!

It just takes a bit of planning and once you've done your first room, the rest are a breeze.

Bamboo is a bit harder to cut and I did go through a number of jigsaw blades.

At the end of the day, it depends on how handy you are vs the time you have vs paying someone to do it for you.

$1850 seems to be a good price, how large is the area being done?

Asmail said...

Hi Rlay,

Thanks for the detailed info, much appreciated.

I am doing it only for the open area and kitchen, around 74/m2 @ $25=$1850 to install. I have payed the deposit now for Mooswood highcountry @ around $80/m2 including 5mm underlay and delivery. My brother is quite handy person so he can help me out.

Just wondering did you removed the skirtings?

Thanks once again.


Rlay said...

My one was a new build, so the floor was laid before the skirting went on.

But I do recommend that you remove the skirting first before you lay the flooring. It gives a much better finish.

If you don't want to remove the skirting then you'd have to put in beading all around, which I think is quite unsightly...

Asmail said...

Mine one is also a new one, but didn't planned about it. It seems to be easy to remove and reattach the skirting.
How much width I have leave on the edges for expansion.
Have a good weekend.